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Anyone know of a good FBML Forum??


Senior Member
Hi everyone :)

Im looking for a forum that is/caters for people trying to learn more about FBML.

The facebook developer forum, I find, isn't very helpful, as most people aren't interested in answering basic FBML questions solely for things like customisations to fan pages - not full apps or anything more complex.

However if this is the place everyone who wants to know stuff about FBML goes, please someone tell me and I'll persevere with that forum.

Or! If a lotta people here are into FBML and facebook stuff, I'll stay right here :)


Senior Member
well, i got that far, and am picking little things up off different sites etc but as I learn there are questions that come up and no real place to search for the answers except the developer forum which at this stage seems a bit advanced as id only be looking at the moment for knowledge on how to make basic apps or just customisations and best practices for them etc