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Anyone know how to recreate this?

Does anyone know how to recreate this in illustator, i need it to be in illustrator so that I can easily and quickly change the colours, to make about 10 different coloured versions.

This is a flattened photoshop file, and I cannot adjust the colours enough in photoshop without it effecting the white area.

Thanks in advance!


Quite a simple procedure in photoshop to be honest with you. What will it be used for? You can use the filters in photoshop to do these easily. Then just use the colours you want from there on. Let me know what you need it for and Ill send you the PSD with it.


Staff member
You could use 'pucker and bloat' effect on a multi sided shape like a hexagon (with more sides) then manually extrude some of the points to make it less uniform.
Depending which version of Illustrator you use, set the gradient to 'radial' and 'fade to transparent 'or using an older version like me make an opacity mask. That'll soften the spikes as they shoot out.
Repeat going back in layers adjusting the colour from the almost white to the orange.
Alter the transparency and maybe add a little blur here and there and you should have something looking like.
I would have thought a paint bucket fill of one colour, and then playing with the blending modes would give the desired effect in Photoshop if all you want changing is the colours.