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Anybody had experience translating into another language?


I've just got the go ahead for print job that is on slightly uncharted territory.

I'm producing a 24 page A5 booklet on good sanitation practices that needs to be translated into Hindi. I'll be laying all the text out in english then producing another Hindi copy then getting it printed someway in India.

Has anybody had experience doing anything similar?

I know its a bit of a long shot, but you never know.

Cheers in advance.


Senior Member
I would imagine you are going to face more problems with a non roman alphabet. I spent a day looking into non roman translations and the only conclusion was to speak to someone who speaks both languages and work from there.

I've done work in English and Italian, using google translate to make sense of the copy. The only reason I could do that was my understanding of Italian was good enough to not be taking a risk running it through a translation matrix.
I'm sending over the unformatted text in a doc and get someone in India to translate it, they will be able to speak english, so hopefully that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm more concerned with the formatting and font issues. If I outline all the text though that should help. I think the only real way to know if i'm going to have any issues is to do it and see what happens.
Done it on quite a few jobs for a wide range of international clients across a fair few sectors.

Hindi, German, Arabic, Russian etc etc

My advice - get a professional translator in. One line break in the wrong place could be a big problem.
I've just done a quick test importing Hindi text into InDesign and exporting as a print ready pdf, everything seemed fine. Just waiting for the translator to confirm its the same.

Cheers for all the advice.

Should be quite a large print run as the state its for is the size of Germany and has a population of 80 million.