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Any one good with ajax or familiar with prestashop?

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by bentzak, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. bentzak

    bentzak Senior Member


    happy new year,

    I have been using prestashop to build this online shop, the problem is that its an absolute mission to change stuff if ur not that clued up on code!

    If u have a look here,

    Necklaces - Revy Rocks

    u can see that it wont clear the float so that the products that are different sizes fit together smoothly, i tried clear in the css but that didnt work, i figured i need to put it so that it clears the float every 4 products, after lots of searching through tpl files i think i have found the snippet of code where this needs to go, but i think its ajax, i certainly dont understand it anyway!

    <li class="ajax_block_product {if $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.first}first_item{elseif $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.last}last_item{else}item{/if} {if $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.iteration%$nbItemsPerLine == 0}last_item_of_line{elseif $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.iteration%$nbItemsPerLine == 1}first_item_of_line{/if} {if $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.iteration > ($ - ($ % $nbItemsPerLine))}last_line{/if}">
    Cheers for any help u might be able to give me!!! much aprieciated!

  2. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    I see, Prestashop uses Smarty template engine and its markup is just a disgrace. I worked with it myself on a project I would recommend it to no one. It's utter horrible to work with IMO.

    I assume you got the problem fixed looking at the website ?
  3. PrintingUK

    PrintingUK Junior Member

    Used that myself, its ok and i beleive free, but lacks flexability , search on Google Prestoshop help and that will give you some answers;-) better off with cubecart imo

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