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Any ideas how this is done (or similar effect)

Hi all,

I recently came across this flyer and really like the effect used in the bottom half of the design. Its sort of like a warped digital noise / rainbow effect that I have seen around quite a lot lately.

I have tried replicating it using closeup shots of computer screens and then warping them using photoshops Liquify tool and also the smudge tool while working in a separate layer above the image but so far nothing has provided satisfactory results.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how they may go about achieving something like this I would be very grateful. Many thanks,




Staff member
yeah it's pretty easy really :)

Get two polarised clear materials and shine light through and take a photo. It will give the 'oil slick' effect.

You can also do fairly similar using a layer with a noise gradient applied with limited colours and then playing around with warp and puppet warp, liquify and smoothing etc.
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