Any Help Reproducing This Would Be Fantastic

Brandon K

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I've been searching for some place to help me with this and I'm so happy I found this place. I hope you guys can help.

Some places recommend cutting the images in half and using two layer masks with gradient tool, but it doesn't reproduce these results. First thing is these headers appear to be made up of some kind of pixelization which helps it achieve the desired effect.

Then there's an egg shaped black band that goes from side to side to help the image fade into the background and then there's another eclipse shaped transparent ring around outsides that are completely transparent. Finally there's lines that run vertically across the images that creates this folded paper look.

Any help recreating this would be immeasurably helpful. Please and thank you. Opening these up in Photoshop also gives you a greater look at how it looks without a background color behind them.


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Well you could start with the texturiser in Photoshop

Starting with this:

Add the texture
I used: Texture: Burlap and from the Top Left.
Set the scaling and relief to your taste.


Set up a gradient in photoshop


Add a layer mask - and draw the gradient across the layer mask - where it's black on the mask it won't show.
The button at the bottom of the panel to the right of the FX button is the layer mask button.



Ok - it's not exactly the same as you have shown for examples - but it is getting there - a few more tweaks.

All in all, took me about 2 minutes. I'm sure if I spent more time on it it would be done better.