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Any advice on a call about a possible role, pls :)

Discussion in 'Design Jobs & Employment Forum:' started by FCB, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. FCB

    FCB Member

    Hi all! Just posting for some advice.

    I received a call the Thursday before Good Friday from a company I had an interview for in late January but failed to progress to the 2nd interview. The original position was for a creative artworker in their inhouse design studio. The bloke that contacted me is one of their resourcing consultants and said that he was aware I had an interview with them before and 'would be keen to run something past me'. He asked me how I found the place and what I thought of the ppl there. He mentioned searching for someone for the original job vacancy had been staggered and said there may be a junior post available. He said he would 'sort something out' and call me next week.

    So it's Friday and nearly the end of the week. I rly want to know what is going on and rly interested in the role. If I haven't heard anything by today should I give it till Monday (after lunch) before I contact them for an update seeing as there was a 4 day weekend last week or even an email later on today? The last time when I failed to get to the 2nd interview I was going to leave it a week and a bit before I would call and ask for feedback but they actually called me before that to tell me why I didn't progress and tell me feedback which I was generally pleased with even though it was to tell me I was unsuccessful. So I feel like they would call me if the role is still available or not.

    Is it possible that he just forgot to contact me or lost interest? I understand that I may not have been the only applicant he contacted & called someone else so I am trying not to pin to much hope on this.

    Sorry for the long post. What do you guys think?
  2. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    If someone said to me that they'd call me next week, I'd give them until Friday lunchtime and then start chasing; you're only giving them a nudge and I can't imagine that a single call which demonstrates your interest and enthusiasm will do you any harm a week down the line.
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  3. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    Call - will show you're keen. I suspect they've offered role to another candidate and waiting for a reply.
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  4. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    yep - call. If I was the guy and suddenly remembered as I was supposed to have called you, I'd also be wondering why you didn't bother chasing me on it.
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  5. FCB

    FCB Member

    Dang, I totally get what you're all saying. Just as I sent this post earlier I had to take someone somewhere and was out until now. I should have asked you guys earlier but it's gone now. I will have to call on Monday just to chase up and see what the situation of the role is. I am prepared to hear that they have offered it to another candidate and that may be why I didn't get that call back. Just to stay positive there's a slim chance i guess and hopefully calling them back will keep me in their minds :)

    Thanks again & I really appreciate your replies :) I'll post what happened just so we all have closure ;)
  6. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    One thing that occurs to me reading back the OP: are you sure the call was from the company? A lot of that first para sounds like a recruitment agency to me ('Resourcing Consultant' especially smacks of the sort of grandiose title that does the rounds among ten-a-penny salesmen on commission only) - I don't know if this is a good or bad thing but I imagine it would be good to be clear what you're dealing with.
  7. FCB

    FCB Member

    Well, I'm pretty sure it was from within the company because the email I received was from 'his name' and ended '@the company name'. When I had my first interview with them I was contacted by another person and she was a senior resourcing consultant. I remember she was very thorough with me about what kind of interview it was and what questions to prepare for and even advised me what I should wear. I would've been more confident if I knew that I was contacted by the person who interviewed me for last time for example but it sounds like everything goes through their resourcing department when looking for candidates for open roles.

    Anyhoo, yeh, I will find out more on Monday I guess.
  8. spottypenguin

    spottypenguin Active Member

    Also if you were originally introduced / got the interview via a Recruitment Agency or Consultant be very careful, the company technically has a contract with the Consultant. It is a *big* No, No for a company to side-step them and go direct to you later in the day. Essentially they would owe the Consultant a fee for "finding" you (usually well into the thousands).
  9. FCB

    FCB Member

    I have done a bit of research and it does seem that the company employs (within it's company) resourcing consultants to find candidates for their retail stores around the country including their main office which the role they advertised to me was based. What I discovered is these consultants are the ppl between the hiring managers and advise how to find the right candidates in the timescale and within budget. They are just doing part of the hiring manager's job? I thought it was quite weird at first because I would have expected someone from HR or a hiring manager to contact me but I guess when it's an established & recognized blue chip company they may well have these types of employees on their books.

    I'm just trying to understand how some of these companies work in situations like this how best to deal with it in the future.
  10. FCB

    FCB Member

    Oh well, I called on Monday and left a voice message as there was no answer. Then straight after I sent an email saying that I called earlier and was replying to the call I had from him the Thursday before Good Friday and what the status of the role was. I haven't got any reply back which is very disappointing. I would have expected at least an email informing me they have gone for someone else. Anyhoo, I can get the hint.

    Thanks to all that read and replied. The search goes on :)

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