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Another new site

This was a site I completed recently for a Insurance Broker in Glasgow.

Ritchie Baird - Insurance Brokers based in Glasgow

They wanted a site with a stylish and professional feel with images that convey quality.

Built using Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop. I used multiple templates to develop different layout structures for the sections.

Also use a PHP based feedback form and a small Flash intro.

Any feedback would be great.


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hrrm... just a couple of thing from glancing at the site...

Navigation is to small both in font size and in width to support the sub page links

main content needs more white space from edges, pad it in a little perhaps?.
When you say to small to support sub navigation - do you mean the size of the font or actual width of the graphic? I never really thought the size of the font was too much of an issue - its 11pt Tahoma.

I will maybe look at expanding the navigation.

Nice site, I like the rotating header flash - smooth transitions!

Good use of grids too, everything lines up as you'd naturally expect it to.

The HTML is nice & clean, but I'm not sure about all the IE conditional comments.

Perhaps the navigation is lost a bit? It took me a moment to see it about the noise of the image at the top of the content area. But it's certainly not a biggie.

My only real concern is the font choices. It seems to switch between Verdana and Trebuchet without any kind of consitancy. Copy is Verdana in the content area but Trebuchet in the sidebar. Headings are Arial in the Flash, but Trebuchet in the copy. And Trebuchet in the nav.

Perhaps keep all headings are Treb over 14px and all copy as 12px Verdana?


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the sub navigation (ala commercial) splits over two lines in places, I think it would look better if it was on one line per item, also 11px is quite small, 12 / 14 is a lot easier on the eyes.
I agree with Sunburn
you could also make wider those boxes in submenus, more left padding, but this is my opinion.
Don't like solution with many [if IE 7] it's not so clear to read