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Annual Report design ideas

just a quick thread to help boost my idea generation process on a new brief.

I'm baisically designing an Annual Report book of a front and back cover and 6 double page spreads.
The report is going to showcase a HOMECRAFT Society.

Examples of annual reports


I was thinking something along the lines of this kind of look with it being homecraft and arty. (images appearing to be stuck down, art/crayon effects? colourful? feminine? lots of photography- buttons, wool,sewing..

anyone have any ideas?


Senior Member
Nice idea Josella. Ive worked on annual reports in the past and found that usually (although this isnt a strict rule) the first 6-8 pages can be quite creative with images, illustrations, backgrounds etc as most of the early content will be letters from the chairman, a look back on the year past etc and then after those early pages the document often turns into pages of spreadsheets and facts&figures with little need or space for graphic elements. This is just something to keep in mind when thinking about the style and design of your report.

As for visual ideas, I love the FELTRON reports that Nick Feltron produces each year based on his own life. He usually picks 2 or 3 colours and sticks to that as a limited palette. It does depend on your client though and their area of business. I love that sample on the black background you have attached above!
OK so i do the early pages with lots of photography, illustrations..etc
i have body copy for the chairmans statment, cash flow, cheif exec, blah blah and then the end pages will be figures. got ya!

i have already looked into Nick Feltron he is amazing!
i think the image your referring to has a very crafty/arty look that i want to aim towards as i wanted to stay clear of experimental format and 3d craft.

i'm thinking of being creative with the figures and using e.g. button like images as pie charts, and lots of sketches and scribbles around images and text