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Annoying Trends (Omega Code)

Just a question that i hope some more experienced designers can answer.

What is with the sudden surge of the omega code symbol. Do half of the people that design whole pieces around it even know what it means or are they just following suit?

Here and Here2

There is suddenly tons of this stuff. Any of you guys created an omega piece yet?
i'm actually tempted just through repetition.

Any thoughts guys?


not seen anything like this Omega Code thing.. personally i'm seeing alot more really cartoony design creeping out again :) which is fun :D
I'm pretty sure the Omega Code is a band. They're doing some clever viral marketing and getting s*it-loads of free artwork and video content for free in the process.

Talking of annoying trends, we should start one of these here: FAKE ALBUMS | Facebook


LOL that Fake Albums thing is funny LOL Not seen that before..

As for the Omega Code thing.. never heard of it.. i like living in my own little bubble of ignorance :)