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Animating in Flash


I'm trying to animate something in Flash, which I've never used. I'm very comfortable with After Effects though, so thought it would be an easy transition.

I literally just want to rotate a graphic (imported from Illustrator) in Z space over a five frame period, in a 25fps composition.

Can anyone tell me how to do this, or point me to a good tutorial I don't have to pay for?

Thanks in advance.


Junior Member
There is no z-rotation facility built in to Flash, although the very latest CS4 does have something similar. There are paid-for 3rd party applications to do things like that with older Flash versions. Google Flash and 3D, I suggest.


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Kind of, it's the de facto standard at the moment for advanced 3D in Flash.

But it's a programming framework first and foremost, not really comparable to any 3D renderer or AE. There is a component for the Flash application which gives you basic visual tools, but it's meant to be used to code.


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if you want something very very simple to design flash animations try SwishMax its not the greatest of flash tools but it is very easy to learn ... myself I prefer Adobe Flash

For 3D work tho I use either 3dsMAX or Maya
That's the problem though, all I need to do is rotate something in Z space. I know my way around After Effects which let's me do this very easily, but it would seem I can't do it in Flash.

The AE movie I've done aint gonna cut it cos you can't export the animation as vector files, it bitmaps everything. But I need a nice clean edged animation for my folio/reel website.

My programmer reckons he can sort it, but I'd like to learn it myself without upgrading to Flash CS4. Unfortunately Papervision3D looks to be very code heavy which I know I'm going to struggle with.
That's my point. I can do the animation easily enough (it's actually a 2D graphic rotating in 3D space). But I need it as a vector output, not bitmapped, as it needs to be part of a website, namely a button, not a movie file hosted on a website.
Yeah, that's almost it! But there's no perspective in that animation, it just scales down on the X axis and scales up again with the image flipped, I've worked out how to do this.

Ideally I'd like this to have a realistic perspective so that the side that rotates towards your POV gets larger and the other side gets smaller as it rotates away from you.