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Animated Logo Build


Well-Known Member
Wasn't sure where to put this but here should do.

As part of my ongoing self education in After Effects I wanted to do a bit of a logo build so I picked one I'd done earlier and put some AE on it's ass.

Fancied trying my hand at frame by frame and here's how it turned out.



Staff member
Looks good, much better than I can do in after effects lol

Might want to tweak that large 'bubble' at around 4 seconds, its a little 'off' compared with the others in my opinion.


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So I take it the full cartoon is off the menu then lol
No mate. I did this whilst taking a break from matching characters to music.
The soundtrack was starting to do my head in a bit and I could hear it when I was asleep.

Been back on it today but I always have ideas above my station and it's like trying to learn film making by doing Lord Of The Rings.