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Animated gif with real lens effect

Hi community!

Here is my question for you. I would like to create an animated .gif file.

The file should contain a static logo of the company I'm working for and a

moving pair of eyeglasses. The animation should be as simple as it gets. The

glasses should just go up and down in a continuous loop over the logo and

stop for 3 or 4 seconds after covering it entirely so the logo can be seen

through the lens. Easy until now but here comes the tricky thing, I'd like to

put some real lens effect on those glasses. I mean, like in real life, a

person that usually wears eyeglasses couldn't see properly without them. So

when the animated glasses are not over the logo the logo should be blured

like and when the glasses come back again the logo should be seen clearly.

Check link for better explaining.

You can work all that in Photoshop or GIMP by working it layer by layer, applying the effects and motion you need and then creating the GIF using them.