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Anders Birger Logo

Hi Guys,

Currently working on a logo for a Danish Photojournalist. Just wanted to see what you guys think of it.

This guy has quite a documentary type of style and travels a lot in troubled areas around developing countries. He recently covered the earthquake in China and a did a project in Mauritania on the people there trying to enter Europe via Spain.

So I want to try and communicate Humanism, Photography, Journalism, and Professionalism. I chose a serif (Clarendon) for the name to try and get the humanistic element in here and a sans-serif (Avenir) for the title to portray professionalism, a serious attitude and have a bit of contrast. Furthermore I created the squares as a hint to a roll of film to try and fit in the photography element as well.

I'm not sure about the kerning/tracking. Is it too much on the 'photojournalist' part? I tried with more squares as well so I could bring it more together but thought it was a bit overkill.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!




Senior Member
I like it mate, i like the yellow one as it breaks it up better and think it works better than the one colour ones.

I don't think the tracking or kerning is too much on the photojournalist, i think it's fine as it is.


I actually prefer it without the yellow personally... but thats just me :)

Still nice work Soren :)


Senior Member
Have a colour version and then the white only too, at least you know it works on both levels. Have you any other colour combo's instead of yellow?