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An Open Thesis: Open Design as a platform for Social Innovation

Hi Everybody.

As part of my final year at the KABK (Royal Academy of Art) in The Hague, I have written my final thesis. The subject is about ‘open design’ and the powerful influence it’s having on society, and as a result I’m offering open access to the material I have written. You may build upon, share, modify how you see fit or simply read a chapter and still have an understanding of the influencing open design is creating. It’s totally up to you.

Understandably not everyone knows what ‘open design’ is, and you may ask yourself why am I sharing it and how is it relevant to me. In saying that I would be most appreciative if anybody wanted to write something about it or contribute to the piece, whether you love it, hate it, indifferent, find an area wrong or you disagree completely about the topic. It's really about allowing and building in different perspectives into one melting pot. All contributions are welcome and they will be placed in the final publication. If you use it in any different way, I would also be most appreciative of how you have modified or improved it. Again this is totally up to you.

Here is the link below:

Open Design as a Platform for Social Innovation - https://drive.google.co/open?id=0B7Fsr7xa1XY8Nk1lZjIxcjRnOU0