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An impossible logo...


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help! ive been asked by a friend to produce a logo for a new community breakfast ran by volunteers. its going to run every saturday morning in the local church hall. they want me to design a logo and some menus, placemats, leaflets and posters all on the same theme.

for some reason though they want to call the breakfast morning 'Oasis', i guess it aims to give off the idea of a calm and relaxing environment you can go and eat in, the only thing is, it doesnt really say breakfast to me, and all the obvious logo ideas relating to oasis have nothing to do with cooked breakfasts, tea or toast! here are my first quick ideas drafted down in illustrator but i need help! is it just me or is this an impossible task? they want the logo to just use the word oasis, they dont want the word breakfast in there, so how can it say breakfast, but oasis, all in the same logo?!?
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make the O a slice of pineapple or make the sand dune some grapefruit. Think citrus breakfast things etc

Maybe make the i into a spoon and then have oasis as floating letters in a bowl - think cereal.


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Maybe try something more simple, or do they really want some breakfast graphic with the text? Maybe sum up what it is under the main name like

Community Breakfast Morning

?? Just a thought !


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thanks for the replies guys...

levi - im working on some similiar things now using fruits and cereals, but the menu they have given me shows they arent gona be serving fruit or cereal, its all greasy spoon style bacon butties and fry ups so i was trying to hint at that in the logo

ally - i have asked can i support the logo with some additional text, they wernt keen, they want the logo to just say 'oasis' so ive been trying to add some kind of breakfast graphic so people know they are coming to a breakfast and not a health spa!

berry - haha, who knows, so frustrating though when people think they have had a great idea and the designer can see that its pants

typo - exactly!
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thanks tom, i sent over some first ideas to the contact i have and he has just emailed me saying that he likes these 2 logos. he definitely wants some reference to breakfast in the logo but not the word breakfast, and sadly there is no flexibility to change the name oasis to something more breakfasty!
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fried egg for the O, bacon rashers for the Ss, sausage for the I... ionno about the A... but I'm sure you can work something in

or the word oasis all written in the fatty bit of a bacon rasher with a frying pan underneath?