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Alternative to png 24


Senior Member
I have been looking into making a transparent image for a site I am slowly building, but found while "saving for web" the black lines while using PNG 8 have white 'stroke' broken about the edges.

This was solved when putting it in PNG 24, but the file size is now quite hefty.

Any suggestions

Thanks very much



Senior Member
Oh and also, would it be better to get the background from the position of the image and save it as the background of the file, not knowing if I will change the background or position (extra work every time I do) any time soon.


Staff member
ok not 100% certain but this might work (png8) - look for an option (in save for web) called matte and set to none, should lose any edges.

And you do know that png24 isn't supported by all browsers (ie6 for example) and may need java or similar to work properly.

As to alternative - try a gif


Senior Member
Thanks for the tip on PNG8, indeed I knew about the issues with transparency in general and PNG24 but would find ways around that if it meant it looked better in the majority of browsers. I'll also try a gif but I think it didnt go too well (I'm sure I did try).