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Alternative to Apple Display???

Currently have a 24" Apple display that as many of you know plugs seamlessly into the MacBook Pro, the power the minidisplayport and USB enabling a simple MacBook to monitor setup...

However I'm looking potentially at having another setup away from the main office and wondered if there was a alternative to using apple displays, is it worth sticking apple or can I buy a 24/27" monitor and connect up and run just as easy?

If so what should I look out for? What is the best adapter to use generic monitor with a mbp? Any brands or specific monitors work well as secondary mac monitors?



Staff member
Get an IPS panel display (personally I use dell displays) and ensure it has a display port as a connection so you can use a mini to full size displayport cable.
Note there are 2 types of IPS panel, one is slightly cheaper and doesn't have as much colour range, is 6/8 bit not 8/10bit, etc, you'll find the cheaper one in sub £300 monitors usually and anything higher is 'usually' the better panel.

Also make sure it's been calibrated by the company and they send you a panel colour profile etc, although I'd still say use something like a spyder pro for colour accuracy etc