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All I want is Hosting and Very Minor Design

Hi All

This should be a really easy and quick one for one of you pro's out there.

I already have a website for my business, so I do not require design etc.

My current design firm, who also host it (through whichever outlet) are pretty unresponsive to my requests for updates/amendments etc and not too helpful... And when they are they want to charge me loads just just to change a few lines of text, which is all I ever really require on a non-regular basis.

I am looking for someone new who can host my site at a reasonable cost, and willing to process very occasional amendments at a good rate too.

Its a decent site and I have no problem if you would like to put your name to it etc.

If you PM me I will give you full details including URL etc.

Also, If anyone is capable of hosting it and integrating a basic CMS so I can update myself I would be interested to know cost. I got quoted £800 for integrating CMS, but I know there are free ones out there, which is all I need, but hoping for a cost much much less than that :) For example, looked at CushyCMS (Free) which can be integrated within a couple of minutes per page. Dont know how good this is, but is all I require.... Just need someone to put it in, and charge accordingly.

My hosting is due for renewal so responses ASAP please.

Please send me your offers and prices etc and I will get back to you.

Many Thanks



Active Member
Hi Finance, depending on several factors £800 may not be a bad price.
Please provide us with you URL and we will be better positioned to give you an idea on costs for either editing the site on an ad hoc basis or providing a solution to be integrated into your existing site.

Please remember, regardless of the fact that the CMS software may be free to purchase / use its is seldom free for someone other than yourself to install.

Look forward to your reply.

i might well be able to help you, i have my own servers and it sounds like you want someone to be fair and square with you rather than look at you as a walking wallet. drop me a pm with some info and i will take a look.

best wishes



Senior Member
Hi Finance Man,

I own a little hosting company and can do you a deal on both needs, get back to me when you can, I'll do mates rates since your a df member:)