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All About London [Infographic]

London, UK: As a T-shirt printing agency in London, we’re obviously head over heels in love with England’s capital city.
From sporting clubs, through to restaurants and London’s finest monuments, we spend a lot of our time sat around our T-shirt printing office in London commenting on how we will be spending our free time across the city.
It made us think one day, as we sat around discussing our London weekend plans, just how many things are there to do in this city? Is the list actually endless?
So we looked into it.
We found out loads of amazing stuff about London and, as we are blessed with a talented graphic designer, decided to put the information into one fascinating infographic for the world’s consumption – we’re not just a pretty face and a T-shirt printing London agency you know (OK, we kind of are that).
London is a great city, so celebrate it with us here.

Sean Lee-Amies

That's actually a really nice infographic, I'm surprised it came from a printing company!! Well done guys.

Tony Hardy

On the bit about football, you should have "London has 6 sides which makes up over 25% of the Premier League. Even with all of these great options, 99% of Londoners support Manchester United, who are based in a city they've never been to or visited."
Haha, thanks Sean, just showing that us printers know our stuff when it comes to design! This was designed by our Art Director Paula. What's your team Tony?