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Ajax question

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Jazajay, Dec 28, 2008.


How do you pronounce Ajax

  1. A-Jax

    0 vote(s)
  2. I-Axe

    7 vote(s)
  3. Other.

    3 vote(s)
  1. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Hay guys and gals.

    For some strange reason, don't ask me why, I was watching some football something or other last night and it occured to me that thier is a football team spelt Ajax but pronounced


    So how do you pronounce Ajax is it ~
    A-jax or I-axe?

    Just curious.
  2. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    lmfao! your a legend
  3. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    I know I am, lol.
  4. tim

    tim Senior Member

    LOL at this post!

    I say "i-axe" - "a-jax" doesn't seem right...

    But yeah, another post concerning football!
  5. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Hay as we can all see by this very definitive survey by the web design community, the community is split, so what can I say. :D
  6. blueocto

    blueocto Senior Member

    I believe the "J" is silent, so you prnouse it 'eye'-'axe'.
  7. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Ok right as I have a bit of time before I have to go out, I thought I would do some research, that and thier is nothing on TV for the next hour, lol.

    So as Ajax was created by Jesse James Garrett, who I'm pretty sure is an American, that to me would sugest that it is based on Phonology.

    Now a major part of Phonology is that it uses Phonetics to pronouce words, it would therefore, to me anyway, suggest that A-Jax is how it should be pronounced. However I suppose it depends on where you actually come from.

    The other thing I learnt is that I appear to be quite sad. :lol:

    Happy new year every one, and thank you for correcting my 'i' Bluecote, very much appreciated and noted. :D

  8. polorix

    polorix Junior Member

    lmao it's defiantly "A-JACKS" just like Ubuntu is "Uh-Bun-Two" and not "Oo-boon-two"
  9. openmind

    openmind Senior Member

    a-jacks for me but then I hate football :)
  10. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Thought I was alone. :clap:

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