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Ahhhhhhhhh, I hate it when ppl get lucky. And stories to share?


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Okay this is just so annoying.
I've been doing SEO for one of my clients for a few months, good positions across the board, and then the other day this site that I've never seen before just pops up in the results above hers. I mean hello that's mine plain and simple and has been for months. :<

So I'm like getting really territorial over this, I mean the cheek of it. So I checked for dodgy techniques and yeah there are none which sucks, their code wise is no where near as good as mine, page load time slower until I noticed 1 thing. I did some link analysis and out of all of their links they just have crap after crap after crap I mean they obviously paid for SEO services but jease, so I'm like how is this possible most aren't even indexed???? It's like looking through the monkeys handbook to SEO you know.

Until i came to one result that made me go awww. They got a link in 1 directory that has a fair amount of equity on the page it is on. I have the same link in the same directory but on a much lower equity page, because it's a slightly different topic. This directory then feeds o say a few others which then have flaming equity, the sites it feeds mine to do but again not as good, or as many.

So by nothing more than fluke they have got the higher position on that alone. O that seriously, seriously sucks. I hate it when ppl get lucky. O well not for long. Huh.......

So any one else have any similar stories to share, doesn't have to be SEO related?
One well annoyed Jaz. :<


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O Tim, I like your first response, very good and made me smile.
With several nice PR4-5 links Tim Bob, that TBH I was saving for another term. :cry:


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Well not all links are equal, and yes that's right.
PageRank is Google's way of applying equity to a link in a numeric form based on algorithms. It's only part of the formula that goes into populating the results though.

That means that not all links are equal take links of DF, as DF is a forum and thus allows user generated links it rightly applies the nofollow attribute, to external links. Which means no equity gets passed from a link off DF, which is the right thing to do for a forum.

Anyway the higher number the more votes that page will give to your site. The reason why in my bad day the site got higher is because even though we have the same links off the same site the pages where they got their link, and off the follow up sites that it feeds, pretty much all have more equity than the page I have a link off to my clients site. In this case much higher so it passes many more votes to the competitor and thus it ranks better as the content in related. Loads of factors go into it so not every link is the same and that is the basic version, I can get you the algorithm they were using a few years ago if you so wish to take a gander.

Your webblog which you sold for £250 have a PageRank of 2/10 on the home page, doesn't mean it gives 2 votes that's Google's way of explaining a much larger number. That may in turn refer to 60 000 000 votes where as a site with a Google PR of 10, BBC I think, would be 60 000 000 to the power of 1000 votes again very basic form and probably a much, much larger number. Therefore one vote from the BBC site would honestly be better than 1000 PageRank 1 votes. That's why webblog and forum spamming is TBH a massive waste of time.

So as I know of a few sites that have medium to high PR I can now get more votes to my client site and hopefully push their site above the competitors as it will in turn give it more votes.

Again bare in mind that is basic. :)


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ooooh okay that's awesome.

btw if i had a domain for like 12 months, that had like 300 visits a week, does that equate to anything good, or is it too early to tell?

it's not a blog, just a five page site.


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Well that would depend on your sites topic TBH.
A site decidicated to the learning of the hardly used Aztec language probably yeah dude, in fact I would say your doing an amazing job, unless they all come thinking it's Britney's latest nude shots, in which case bad Tim, bad.

But if it's a site dedicated to what happened 5 mins ago probably not so good. :D


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Jazajay said:
unless they all come thinking it's Britney's latest nude shots, in which case bad Tim, bad.
Looks like it's back to the drawing boards for me then :p

Too bad about your story, sometimes life just sucks ;)


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boys brigades around the world.

i think it's ranked as 4th when you search the book title, below facebook and a travel website :p
Jazajay what you say is very interesting, do you pay quite a lot of money for these links then?
Also I would be interested in looking at that algorithm can you post it on here?


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Okay there is a difference between buying links and the links I get, also the links I get must have equity not all links you require money, not paid links, will give you equity.

Depends on the market TBH but yes PR2 I can normally find for around £8 not the £275 they paid for it. :)

If you go on Ebay I'm sure you can find some PR5 links for £500 I could find the same, again depends on the site for about £50 so yeah. Again not links that will get you penalized. :)

Yeah that algo bare in mind is about 4-5years old now so may have changed a fair amount, may not but again is not something you really need to know.

Just like I can give you the chemical compound of a saturated fat molecule but again all you need to know that as long as you get 5% of your daily diet as saturated fat you can make the rest of the fat in your diet ideally from polyunsaturated fats knowing its compound is pointless.

But yeah ~
PR (A) = (1-d)+d(PR(t1)/C(t1))+...+PR(tn)/C(tn))
PR = PageRank
A = Web page A
d = A damping factor
t1...tn = Pages linking to page A
C = Number of links from page tn

Or you could read more about it from ~ PageRank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :)