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AGGHH! Website a mess in IE, anyone know about fixing?


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Ive just finished off this website: Ann Bridgland Education Services - information and study for teachers parents carers local authorities and headteachers

It uses jquery, and the rest is just css and html.

It works fine on Firefox and Safari, but is a complete mess in internet explorer..

I havent the first idea about how to fix for IE (dont some people include a seperate stylesheet file and put ifIE within their code.. or something like that?) and am struggling to know where to start fixing

From the look of it, the minimum that needs fixing is:

hide the gallery fade in/out and replace it with one static image on the header
unstyle the menu and make sure it displays inline not block

sidebar needs to be next to the main content column not underneath

quick contact slide-out tab needs to go

(i only want these changes to happen in IE, not any other browser..)

Can anyone share any knowledge?

thanks so much


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Hi, thanks for the quick reply :)

Im testing on IE for mac 5.2 ... is this worth actually testing on???

I only have a mac - is there a better version of ie i can download to test on in future?

ps. - looked at Dean Edwards article and downloaded this, then used it on my index page following the steps in "Using the Script" on this page: http://www.charlescooke.me.uk/web/lab_notes/ie7_script.html

It doesnt seem to have made any difference.. im not sure what its actually meant to do mind, is it not for me here?

The article also talks about adding another css file just for IE - i guess this is originally what i had in mind to find out how to do, is this recommended here and if so how do i do this?



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Hi Emma, don't worry about ie5 on mac, its ancient, I imagine very VERY few people if any visiting your site would use it.

The site looks fine in ie6 / 7 / 8 so job done as far as I'd be concerned.

If your you dont have windows / ie to test on your mac use this IE NetRenderer - Browser Compatibility Check - (that's what I just used to check).


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Also you need to shorten your page title.... This is too long at the moment and google will doc you points.


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Thanks for the tip! Is there anything else on subject of search engines that you think i could do it SEO it? (Ive yet to add text content - this will contain keywords, and will submit it to google directory and make a sitemap for it..)