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Aeroplanes.com logo contest


Senior Member
this doesn't seem much like a comp as such! this is spec work branded as a comp! The "prize" is only $295 which is like £180.

For a comp I would much rather a bigger and better prize. You could (almost) get that much by entering the comp on here and having some fun designing a book cover, rather than a logo.

Sorry, end rant.


Active Member
That seems like a very sly way of getting a logo created on the cheap. If it were a true competition surely the result wouldn't be used for commercial gain?


Right so its a way to get a lot of versions of a logo to show to a client for a very cheap cost.... sneaky. :(


Senior Member
There are lots of these competitions about, really pointless thing to enter as you are usually tied down so you cant use the entry if it isnt chosen as it contains their brand, and if you dont win you've wasted time.


Senior Member
I suppose if your fairly new to design then its good for practicing your design skills and also its good to practice with design packages. could try new ways of doing things.