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AE Quickie


Staff member
New to AE and something's been bugging me and I don't know what to search for on google.
This is a bit hard to explain so bare with me.

Imagine I add some points to an object with the puppet tool, say an arm.
In the tut's I've seen, when they drag a point the arm would distort on the display in kinda real time as you move it.
A bit like re-sizing a square in Illustrator you'd see the square changing as you dragged a corner.

When I move a pin the image is static until I release it in its new position and then it jumps to the new position.

Not sure if this is a CS4 thing or something I need to set in preferences but it's a bit annoying.
Sounds like you're after the live update button. Is everything else updated instantly as you make changes or only after you release the cursor? If so, it's almost definitely the live update switch.


Staff member
That's it!

I've been trying to solve that for ages and it's been doing my nut in as I didn't know what it was called to search for it.

Thanks SO much. :)
For anybody else viewing this try what's above and also try changing quality from whatever (half , quarter, third) to full and this will lessen the static if you don't have a good pc.