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AE Freezing EVERY Time?!!!

So I am rendering a speed art with QuickTime format and h264 compression. 1920x1080 29.97 fps and it gets to a random point and freezes. I have no other programs open and have ae cs4. My computer has 4gb ram and a 64 mb video card. CPU speed 1.86 ghz. My composition is simple with 1 music track 2 videos with time stretch effect on and a png image and a fade out on a solid for the png. simple yet it freezes help??? Reply for more info if needed. I will try leaving it rendering overnight and changed to quality tab frame rate to "use this frame rate 29.97" and multi processing off ram allocated for other programs 0.5 gb


Staff member
Hmmm. I'm no expert at AE. Neither am I the tech side but I recently did a timelapse which sounds very similar to that you're working on.
My footage was in 4 parts and I added a soundtrack and had an intro/outro, time stretch and I used CS4 too.

My Mac is only running 2gb and doesn't have any upgrades and although it was a bit slow it managed to render it out.

I did however use Debut to record the timelapse set on 1fps which I needed to speed up.
I think I rendered it out at 10 or 15fps though as the .mov was a bit on the huge size and the fades were still pretty smooth.

Ok thanks for the tips! I got I to render with my desired settings with no compression so I am now going to use a software like handbrake to compress it. It will still freeze but as long as it renders everything is all good, the program did it's job. Thanks!