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Advice & Oppinions

logo… i do like the balance with the mirrored curve at each end, but for me the word design holds too much weight, try playing with colour combinations to throw the emphasis the other way.
kerning… on the whole good, couple of slight holes you need to close, see if you can spot them.

I do have to say im not huge fan of the background, the varying opacity overlays never has been my favourite, that's more of a personal feeling than anything else.

only other thing i would advise against is repeating the word design in the logo and strap.
Ok yeah i see what your saying about this logo, not sure what it is but i just like the simplicity :)

Yeah the background was a complete accident, but it i think it also adds to the whole simplistic and sophisticated look i am going for.

I agree with you on the repeat of the word design!

Thankyou for the feedback everything has been taken into account :) anything else?