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Advice on numbering signing and prints

I have recently started to try selling some of my artwork in prints. I was asked by a customer to sign and number a print and having not done this before am not sure how I should do this. I had my prints done digitally, in this instance only 5 copies, but they are just reproductions of a digital file. If I sell all 5 I could easily get more printed so how do they become limited editions? Any advice appreciated.


Staff member
You can sign them at the printers, or when they come to you.

Alternatively you can have your digital signature printed over the digital sample.

Another way is to apply a label to the back which states it's a limited edition 1/5.


Well-Known Member
There really is no right or wrong way to do this, although you will find rules and stipulations if you Google it, but this is mainly
for professional reproductions of paintings in Giclee form etc. There's lots of stuff online about this.

Just pick a number based on how many you might like to sell, 20, 50, 250, whatever, and stick to it. Ideally they should all be printed at the same time.
Signed and numbered in pencil is the norm, as a pen signature can look like it's printed. If it's in pencil then the buyer knows they have something
unique to themselves.