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Advice on my logo

I am student at bolton college and I would like you to tell me what you think of the logo that i made. It is a social network website and I Have Rebranded their logo.



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More info needed before we can pass an honest judgement. If that is for a large scale multi-national bank, its awful, you with us?

First thing though, if you are going to use hand written style fonts, try to change some of the dimensions of repeating letters and letters with similar shapes. It will make it look more honest.


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A brief is fundamental because, if appropriate, even fonts which aren't very good might be suitable for a communication work. The font you are using looks somehow blotched, no matter how well kerned, it will always be hard to read. However, maybe your logo could be ok, let's say, for a shop that sells second hand American clothes. Or similar businesses.


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I see. In that case I don’t think the image you have created is appropriate. That is for a number of reasons among which the following ones are the most important in my opinion. 1, semiologically a palm of a hand in that position conveys a “stop” rather than a ”welcome” meaning. 2, the font looks cheap. Apart from that, your logo is too niche for social networks, which are generally meant for all; not only for a selected category. That makes them mass. “Niche” and “Mass” are two important aspects in branding which we should always bear in mind while creating a logo.

I suggest you start again from scratch. Sans serif are better than serif or calligraphic fonts for the e purpose. Post some more details about your social network so that we’ll be able to extract a brief from them. We need a brief in order to give you some tailor-made feedback.

Anyway your logo is no longer showing in your post.

EDIT: typing mistakes
I have to agree with Webian. The palm of the hand might come across as being like a "stop" sign and detracting from your audience rather than adding to it. The edges look rather pixelated in places and I agree that you'd probably be better using a sans serif font and maybe tweaking certain letters to be individual. You might be overthinking it


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That is the best logo I have ever seen in 40 odd years......... ( Apart from the London Olympics........)

It will stand the test of time and will go down as classic. Well thought out. Good typography, Well drawn and perfectly legible. I can't wait to buy the T-Shirt.

What font is that?and why did you choose it?
Hi! I like the overall concept, there was just one thing that made me look closer...

on the word 'tagged' the letter 'a' looked like it led into an 'r', so first time I red targged!

Might just be that I'm tired, been a long day!

Good luck though!