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Advice on Logo

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by dtmuk, May 5, 2009.

  1. dtmuk

    dtmuk Junior Member

    Hello everyone,

    I should probably have created another thread to give a quick hello and say a bit about myself but anyway, My name's Dave and I run quite a few websites. Unfortunately I'm on the darker side of being a developer rather than a designer so I pay people like yourselves to make things look nice ;) I do wish I was talented as a designer, but oh well. I came across your forums when I was contacting Greg on here in the past.

    Anyway, the reason I made this thread is I'm currently coming up with a website / brand which is to do with clubbing. I'm looking to start a series of events locally and go from there really, tied in with a website with the latest news and events nationally. I've paid a designer to come up with a logo and have the first proofs, see:
    as you can see the brand is going to be "Club Classics" and largely around the domain

    Was just looking for a professional opinion. Personally I really like the first one, but don't want something which relies on the background too much. I like the curve at the top.

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

  2. jHouse

    jHouse Senior Member

    Hi Dave,

    WELCOME mate!

    I have to say that I dont think any of them are particularly strong - not to nock the guy!

    None of them really strike me as nightclub logos.
  3. I do agree with J there :) nightclub logos are very different... a rather interesting example is a rather nasty club in a town called Woking called Bed.. the club looks like a hole but the logo looks quite groovy to me :p

    Bed Bar

    I'm too old for clubbing anyway :p :lol:

    Welcome to the forum by the way Dave :)
  4. dtmuk

    dtmuk Junior Member

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your response, I can ask for revisions of the logos, as I say this is the first batch of proofs that the company gave me. To be honest I'm not going to settle for something which doesn't catch my eye even if it means going elsewhere.

    Basically my response to these were I don't like designs 2 or 3 at all and can they work around design 1 a bit more. Any pointers which I can give to them or advice would be great.

  5. get them to simplify it and maybe make a custom font or something like that ... that's what i would suggest :)
  6. dtmuk

    dtmuk Junior Member

    Hello there Chris :)

    That is a groovy logo indeed, I can see that working although for a longer piece of text like "Club Classics" it could be difficult to achieve
  7. Well yes and no Dave :)

    I just knocked this together to give you an example of something else for the logo :p
  8. dtmuk

    dtmuk Junior Member

    I quite like that take on it Chris, I've forwarded this to the designer (Hope you don't mind) See what they can come up with around it :)
  9. thats fine by me Dave :) I'm always happy to help... :)
  10. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    I've got to go with the others on this, they don't really look like a logo I would associate with clubbing.
    The ones which you've shown us remind me of the sort of thing you would see on a 'club classics' cd cover (that was my first thought on the name too) along with the club logo.

    Take a look at the likes of gatecrasher, sensation, ministry of sound, pacha and cream, they're some of the biggest club brands around (that I know of anyways) and they all have a very specific logo - the lion, the round 'gate' and crown, an S (along with sensation) the cherry, three tear drops repectively.

    Personally I'd try to take a leaf out of those brands and take it from there.
  11. berry

    berry Active Member

    That's always a good place to start. If your logo doesn't stack up to the name brands then you may as well hold the night at the local Church Hall.
  12. dtmuk

    dtmuk Junior Member

    Hi Levi,

    It's funny you should mention these, In the brief to the designer I currently have on this, I said "Something comparable to Ministry of Sound, Kiss..." So this was what I was after in the first place. When I first saw the proofs I posted here my first thoughts were the second and third were rubbish and I could have done better with some stock photos, and the first one at least was trying with the curve at the top.

    I'm still waiting back on the revisions although if they don't improve greatly I may have to go elsewhere. I don't want to settle for anything in this one.

  13. dtmuk

    dtmuk Junior Member

    Totally agree. I'm in no rush on this one.
  14. dtmuk

    dtmuk Junior Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just received the next batch of proofs:

    I do kind of like the look of the second one in the above although am still worried about it not having something key to being remembered by as discussed.

    This is what they came up with based on Chris' post:

    Again I vaguely like the last one but not the colour scheme.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  15. I'll be honest mate.. the last one looks like a travel operator with that colour scheme... I thought more neutral colours like golds and blacks would go better personally..
  16. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Can't really say they're doing anything for me. The first lot still look like a cd cover and the second one doesn't even remotely look like its about clubs etc (although it does have a slight radio 2 feel).

    I think the problem (for me anyway) is that its focusing on the name too much and not getting enough of an identity because of it. For me 'club classics' is associated quite heavily with the 80/90's due to all the albums that basically focus on the music from the club era (ie 80/90's). Maybe get some revisions based around the 2 curves but focusing more on them rather than the way they blend with the text.

    Also as a side note do you really need in the logo
  17. dtmuk

    dtmuk Junior Member

    Thanks for all your help with this, I've chosen a design which we made briefly on a napkin in a pub and the designer used part of one of their proofs. I think it works for the time being, got lot of things to be doing on the site anyway just needed something up there for now. I may return in the months to come for more related work, check it out at Club Classics - Music, Events

    As you can see, we've made both the C's a pair of headphones, hopefully a bit more memorable than just the text :)

    Thanks again,
  18. jHouse

    jHouse Senior Member

    It really looks nothing like a night club..check out Will Howe Creative for some inspiration ;)
  19. Aarlev

    Aarlev Member

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