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Advice on Confectionery project

Hey guys,

Doing a project regarding 'creative confectionery', with the whole established concept being a sweet for fishermen that provides energy and nausea relief when eaten. I've decided to create a waterproof pouch, but getting stuck on the kind of surface graphics that could go on there. As its for manly men at seas, I want a quite expressive approach and have looked into brush strokes that reflect waves...in a black and white colour scheme. But it's missing key elements of fishing etc...

Just wondered if anyone has any ideas? I appreciate it very much! Ollie :)


Staff member
Oh man!

You could go to town on this one!
Sailor Jerry, old school tattoo art is really big right now as it hand typography.
That sort of look would work with a limited pallet.

Also, there's the emergency equipment type of look. "Pull in case of emergency" type thing you'd see on an inflatable raft or tum-tin.
Tip: I worked on ship. Having a spot to put you own name is handy as you live in close confines with your shipmates and being able to ID your stuff is always a challenge.