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Advice on business card designs and potential print processes please

Hi guys,

This is my first real post on these forums so im rather excited.

I have recently become a victim of the recession so I am redoing my portfolio, business cards etc.

I am slightly torn between my various ideas. The design itself is almost finalised and I will post it as soon as its ready. It will be purely typographical with big bold letters in Lubalin Graph. What I am debating is two seperate color palettes and two processes.

The first idea is a roughly 75% black uncoated stock, most likely GF Smith, with a glossy black foil for the letters.

The second idea is for a much lighter grey stock around 25% with bright(ish) orange letters. I would probably use letterpress or litho for that design as the orange foils look rather odd and I think I would prefer a matt effect on this design.

Edit. I have just uploaded some roughs to flikr if anyone cares to take a look.

flikr biz card proofs on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time everyone.

Ill try and get some pics of the designs up tomorrow. Ill put some jpegs up and some photos of some print proofs as well, though they will only be photos of some epson print outs at this time.

I havent been here long but I assume that a link to a flikr gallery would be a good way to go?

Thanks for all your time.

Grey and orange does not go together at all. Orange is a warm cooler and therefore bleeds into cooler colours, but there isn't enough contrast in the grey to easily distinguish the type.
I would definatly agree with martin (mcb) about those colours if your going to use the colours together use a much darker grey and a brighter orange. I think it would only work if the grey was nearly a black, and then still I dunno what it would be like? Give it a go mate and let us see it. Spotty dog :)


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Letterpress or Litho?

If you can go the Letterpress route, that would make a nice change.

As for the orange, it's difficult to see what orange you're thinking about without seeing the colours in the flesh. The right choice of grey and orange could work very well.
The orange is starting to seem a little hit or miss to me, and the black / grey idea is sounding better and better all the time. I think it would be striking, reasonably original (i havent seem many like it) and it would be easy to carry across in the design f my portfolio and website as well.

Oh yeah, letterpress. I am really keep to try something with etterpress on my biz card but I am told it is going to be VERY expensive and possibly rather limiting depending on what fonts the printer has available. From what I am told litho would be a really good, more versitile option.

Any thoughts?
Hiya, yeah the card looks sweet! Im now totally torn between something in that style or glossy black foil on black or dark grey card lol.

the place I am using is auroraprint.co.uk. There seems to be a problem with the site at the moment but the chap you need to speak to is Phil, a great guy who has been really helpful in helping me make up my mind and learn about the process.


His prices are very reasonable as well. he was doing 250 cards in one color on GF Smith 540 for around £100. Of course the range of colors, stocks available is quite extensive so you should have no trouble finding something you like.