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Advice/Help needed on type face project ...

Hello, this is my first post on this forum and am pretty much a beginner.

Originally I just wanted to create a type font logo with the word; 'cosqr' (A different take on my unusual surname which I really like) which would create my own personal logo (Design Identity if you wish) however on reflection I feel that creating a type face instead of just a logo would allow me to extend my identity into other parts of the work which would give presentations, designs and projects more fluidity. As I am still a design student at college I am looking to distinguish myself and am trying to create something that then later on in life I could expand as an actual brand which would grow and reach into different parts of the design world including graphic design.

Anyways, when sitting down and designing my type face today for my creative personal brand I realised I was out of my depths in this area. I know what type of font I want to include and also have sketched up the alphabet of letters in my sketchbook.

However when uploading them to the computer and tracing them in Adobe Illustrator I soon realised I had no idea what to do to create the refined and professional type face that I want, instead I had a bunch of letters which had no straight lines (just the awful rough edges.)

I just really need help to digitalise my designs. Looking for a minimalist typeface which uses white space cleverly to create an interesting yet simple font, I hope that someone can help me out here and offer advice or maybe even something more.

(Find the Illustrator jpeg of my sketches underneath)

Thank you,



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How familiar with illustrator are you? I'd say the first step would be to get to grips with the pen tool and then use it to manually trace the lettering.


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Hi Jacob, you admit you're a beginner, so go back to basics. It's pretty advanced to try and start designing your own typeface, that just looks
like something that's been photocopied a few dozen times. Buy a couple of books or get online and start trawling through the thousands of
YouTube videos and tutorials that are out there.
Hey Wardy thanks for your reply, I admit that I am a beginner in the sense of type face and fonts. I have a lot of useful skills in Adobe programs and other software just have never created a type face before so I am only a beginner in that sense.

What looks like it has been photocopied a few dozen times?

I just need to know how to get everything straight and detailed rather than having lumpy lines as I call them aha.


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It just reminds me of what I had to make do with 20 years+ ago - photocopying a font from the Letraset book
a few times 140% at a time, that's the sort of thing you end up with! :)

As BigDave says, you need to trace over what you have with the pen tool. It might be a bit painstaking, but that's how to
do it properly.