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Advice for when business goes through a real low period?

Hi all,

I am experiencing at the moment what I would class as an extreme low in freelancing design work. Does anyone have any advice for me and anyone else going through the same. It is a tough world out there, and very competitive and as i have read in many other blogs that sometimes work does go dead in freelancing (especially bad for me as I am new to freelancing). If you have any advice or own experiences it would be much appreciated.


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Marketing, Advertising, Contacting old clients, chasing up old quotes, be proactive. Do the rounds around your local business sparks, shops, offices etc, you got to put the leg work in.
I've been having the same problem... no matter what I do the work is struggling to come in. It can be annoying at times because I feel that I have a strong portfolio but I just need to get noticed. I'm going to take time over the Christmas period to work on a new battle plan for 2011 ;)

In the meantime, I've now got a new part-time job which helps a bit. Unfortunately, I was made redundant from my PT design job earlier this year and although they offered me a FT position it was at a ridiculous salary and they were against me doing any freelance work to top it up - it was an empty offer and they knew what I wouldn't take it.

So now my new PT job is something entirely different. However; it helps because working FT as a freelancer when the work isn't coming in is tough financially as well as emotionally. It's given me my sanity back mixing more with people again.