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Advice for creating a logo design portfolio

I've always loved logo design, and I love sites like logopond, logomoose etc. and often play around with ideas just for fun. I already have a fulltime job (non-design), but I'm looking to create logos in my spare time as a hobby, and if possible earn some extra cash too

So the first place I need to start is with a portfolio. When I look around at logo designer portfolios many of them seem to be non-client work/rejected concepts, and a lot seem to be made up company names (which incidentally have very visual components to them i.e. black cat films. Is this the best way to generate a portfolio? just make up random company names and create logos from them? It seems a bit dishonest, but I imigine it's effective

Or, should I go down a different route offering to design logos cheap, ask friends and familiy etc. in an attempt to get work that generates a portfolio. Or is it best to get stuck in to something like 99 designs, churn out some portfolio options and if I win a contest along the way then great.

Any tips on where to get started would be great