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does anyone use yell.com?

They contacted me wanting to sell me a big advertising package. Not sure if its worth it, they say if i was to go ahead with it but didn't generate any sales from it then i could cancel.

Which sounds easier than it probably is... so I'm gonna look into it more but if you have advertised with them has it been useful?


Staff member
Simple answer - when was the last time you used yell.com or even the yellow pages.... or did you just use google to search?


New Member
Depends on the service.

I used to own a photography business with my brother, and we advertised on Yell. It was quite successful, that's where the majority of our business came from (that wasn't referred from friends, etc)

If your clients are the type of people to use Yell/Yellow Pages then it works.

Not to mention Yell.com has a good Google page rating, so when you search for terms, the Yell pages come up quite a lot.


Senior Member
I understand that Yell usually try and tie you into some sort of contract. An effective marketing product can usually be proved with a rolling contract. A mandatory 12 month commitment is a bit of a gamble.