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Advertising on my Design Site?

Hi guys,

My website is coming up fast in alexa and getting more and more popular.

My question is:

Is it cheapening my website if i start selling ads on my site. Like buysellads.com or something like that?

I am in 2 minds, i have set it up ready, even got it setup on buysellads.com but i am starting to think that it may be cheapening the site a little.

What you guys think?
As i am new i dont think i should advertise it as its like spamming which i do not want to do.

But the target audience is web designers and developers.

The website is similar to themeforst, istockphoto, graphicriver etc etc.
if you said it's doing well why advertise? It does not pay to advertise. especially on a website i have enough of adverts on tv without having to switch on the old macbook and see more ads. this is my personal opinion of course.


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I think there's been a bit of a mix-up as the type of site wasn't mentioned in the opening post, it's a design marketplace not a personal/portfolio site. As Chris says, ads are common place in this area, I guess it depends if you need the revenue, and what you could do with the revenue to improve the site.

Alexa ranking isn't really all that important, it will be down to traffic and CTR that attracts and keeps advertisers.


Its not a huge revenue as most of the money goes to the sellers. The website gives 70% instead of the typical 20-40 which others give.

So that was why i was thinking of advertising.

I think that i will take it off as i can see that alot of people think exactly what i was thinking.

@Brian Harrison the colours are grey, brown and blue.


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why not stick your link in your sig. We don't mind a link in the sig with people who are actually joining in etc, it's the seo one post wonders we don't like :)

As to the adverts, personally on the type of site you're describing I can't see no harm in it if it's not over the top.

Not sure how the site works but you could maybe have a 'click through' ad between the buy page and the download page. I'm thinking of the ones which usually work like this:
click buy, go through pay process, click to go download page, then you get an ad page with a countdown timer/skip bar at the top and the ad below it which then goes to the download.

You've also got the 'load once' per day type where you get one ad load up on your first visit during the day before going to the main site.