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Advertising and Marketing Your Business


Tony Hardy

Every single day I get some form of company cold calling me about their "fantastic business directory" or "we can just list you here, here and here for [x] amount of money".
So far, I haven't advertised for my business at all and picked up work through friends, family and word of mouth.
I've been taking a lot of tips from marketing blogs about selling services and they seem to be working. Not finding much work coming in through my website at all but I guess it's just handy to have.

What advertising and marketing methods does anyone on the forum use? How are you all finding your work?


Staff member
Not done this personally (although I intend to when I get everything changed on my site) but facebook/google+ are both meant to be pretty good, as is twitter and linkedin....
Considering they're all free there can't really be any harm about having them too, although I do have a few concerns over certain 'rights to your artwork' in the t&c's so intend to look into that a bit more.


Junior Member
I've managed to get a couple of commissions from sites such as Behance which is nice. I've just jumped on the Tumblr bug but at the moment it's pretty quiet. Guess it takes time. I'm also on Twitter but have yet to perfect my networking skills on it!

I'm in the midst of creating a promotional mailout pack to send to companies. I've worked on designs for postcards and business cards for over a month and can never be satisfied. The toughest client you'll ever work for is yourself!

I used to use Linkedin but the layout is an absolute disaster and it did me more harm than good.