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Advert for News Paper

Hi Guys and Gals. Im Liam and I'm 17. I have been designing for about a year now and love it and have won a few freelance gigs recently. Enough about me I might do a post about me later...

Anyway my friend has a friend who has just opened a store in a local town and he was asked to design a newspaper advert. My mate asked me to run through it before he sends it away to print. I have noticed that there are a couple of problems and I have sorted them out just the size of the Advert is wrong and neither of us seem to be able to match the size that has been given. The advert has to be ready for tomorrow morning for print. I personally can't see this happening unless someone can help me out. I'm usually good with print stuff but the measurement columns has thrown me. The size of the advert is meant to be 14 x 3 columns.

I opened up photoshop because I have seen columns in there before and I found that you can only set columns for the width not the height. So I have the width down.

I have attached the mechanical data which is a sheet that was given to my friend who designed the advert. I have read through it and it makes sense but to me it doesn't relate to the advert size.

Any help will be muchly appreciated.

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts from me but not asking for help I hope :)


Columns refers to newspaper columns, ie the width - different newspapers have different column widths, some are 7 some are 8.

so your ad would be 14* x 99mm

*not sure if the 14 is mm or cm, i'd get that checked or just simply ask someone at the paper for the size in mm, but 140mm x 99mm sounds about right.


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14 x 3 columns means 14cm x 10.2cm wide (140mm hight x 102mm wide)

(Ross - where did you get 99mm width from? it says 102mm? too much drugs!)
it'll be 14cm x 3 col (10.2cm) as berry said. At the 'paper I work for that's how we define sizes.

As for Photoshop, some newspapers aren't always too happy to accept Photoshop PDFs (depends on their printer/platemaker RIP). However, something made in InDesign/Quark/Ilustrator/Corel Draw and PDF'd would almost certainly work.

You do really need to contact their pre-press department to check these things. I've wasted many hours fixing such problems, and it becomes a pain in the neck! If in doubt... call them and ask, they shouldn't bite. They want your advertising money, and not everyone is au fait with every kind of print.
Haha -

My bad - i saw 1 column was 33mmm and used my handy calculator brain and times it by 3, if i was anywhere near 20% awake i would have used my tired eyes and looked down to the 3 column width.

I'm never gonnag et on Countdown now.

Sorry I haven't replied earlier. Thank you for your posts the feedback is much appreciated. The reason for photoshop being used was because my friend is not a designer, so he doesn't know how to use indesign and he was working to a strict deadline.

Anyway thank you for the Help.