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Adobe Trial help

Hoping i'm on the right category...

I'm trying to download the trial of Master Collection CS5 from the adobe.com site. Its downloaded fine, but i've come to install it and i'm just getting this :(

I have a MAC G5 1.8GHZ/ 1 GB RAM/ 160 GB HD- Desktop



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Does it have an Intel processor? Looks like CS5 will only run on Intel processor, not PowerPC CPUs.
If it is a PowerPC CPU looks like you'll have to go with CS4


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Greg is spot on, had the same problem myself. Fortunately adobe gave me a refund as I'd bought ps cs5 and downloaded it direct from their site! They were great though and v.helpful in getting me a refund!
Intel Processor? I don't know??
this is 'about my mac'

My brother said the same thing, I can only use CS4. I assume adobe don't do CS4 trials anymore? :(

p.s.For people wondering why I seem to have a massive face on my desktop- its Twiggy as my background :D


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Yeah sadly that bit that says Processor Name: PowerPC means that you have a PowerPC rather than an Intel based machine. Not sure about CS4 trials, I wouldnt be surprised if they dont do them though.
I don't think you'd be able to get CS4 trials direct from Adobe anymore and from my experience with my old mac although it would run it was majorly glitchy on a Power PC.
Oh, i feel like I have kind of wasted money now in purchasing this Mac, I've only had it up and running for 3 months or so :(
Never mind, Looks like i'll have to get CS4 the plan b way and crack on!

Optimism; The good news is My Uni will be providing me with a brand new Mac Book Pro and CS5 sometime in my 3rd year due to enabling funding. So I suppose I can cope with CS4 for now, and use CS5 in the studio & Library. Not so bad