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Adobe master suite CS5.5


Junior Member
Hey Guys....

Just recently started a marketing course and one of the modules is multimedia where we were told we need Adobe master suite CS5.5 but it costs 500 quid for only the student version so was wondering does anyone know anyone who can get this cheaper or have a spare copy to sell even a second hand one ....

any help would be much appreciated would buy it for the full price but i also need a good laptop for it which is cleaning me out...I know its along shot but thought id try here

cheers Dan


Senior Member
master version for £500 is pretty sweet...

i doubt people have second hand serials, pretty much just because it's that new! not sure why people would buy it and within 6-12 months sell it for a loss.



Senior Member
I'd consider biting the bullet. An agency told me that a student edition becomes a full edition post graduation for no extra cost, i dont know if theres any truth in that. Rest assures there will be plenty of people on your course who have not paid "full price" for their master collection.