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Adobe Indesign Font Help

Could anyone help? I'm really new to Indesign (yesterday) and need to complete a large pop up stand design by tomorrow :)mad:). The only problem is that because the pop up stand is so huge and I've set Indesign to the exact dimensions (so I'm seeing about 5% on my screen), the biggest font (72pt) is far too small.

How do I get a bigger font?



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Aside from typing in a larger font size issue, it's usual to design large format graphics at 1/4 size, printers can usually specify file sizes and sometimes supply template documents for the InDesign, Illustrator, etc, so worth looking into if you need to design another one, next time round :) good luck with the deadline!

Tom Sound

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PeterBarlow said:
oooh, good tip. Only done a few really large pieces for print (printed banners etc) and always done them at full size....

There's nothing wrong with that Peter, as long as it scales up to 100dpi at full size, so you can do half size at 200dpi, or quarter size at 400dpi, if I can help with the set up or printing of any of these large projects PM me :up:

If your photoshop files are getting a bit big when you save them to email/ftp them to your printers, save it as a photoshop eps with jpeg maximum compression, this will compress the size but with no loss of quality

Thanks Tom! I usually just put everything together in InDesign (I prefer it for typography) but scale up everything in PS beforehand. As publication design is my thing, InD is the program I most use and feel comfortable with (going to get my ACE in it for CS5...eventually...when it comes out...).

Great tip about the eps!!