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Adobe Illustrator Windows 8+ Touch Features


Senior Member
I wondered if anyone had given these a go. Basically if you’ve got a touch screen you can set the Illustrator workspace to ‘Touch’ which makes it more touch friendly.

I had a crack with it for the first time on the train and knocked up this visual to demonstrate how some new branding would look for a clients kiosk.

It was interesting but I did keep finding myself having to revert to the standard layout when I couldn’t find a feature that had been removed for the new interface.
In short, good start, long way to go, and I want the same treatment for all the Adobe apps, especially photoshop.



Staff member
Jimlad said:
It's a kiosk :)
is that what they call a exhibition/trade stand (aka booth) these days.... why can't they just keep to one term it makes our life so much easier lol