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Adobe Illustrator jpeg to vector error!!!

Hi guys,

I am hopeing you are able to help.

I have started using Adobe Illustrator (today so please be kind!!! :icon_smile:) I am trying to convert our company logo, which is a simple 3 colour line drawing. When I try and convert it and error occurs stating "The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error [CANT]" - screen grab attached.

The process I am currently following is: Open new doc, 'Place' the logo into the document, select the logo, select 'Image Trace' - 'Default'. It attempts to do it but at the end of the process it comes up with the above error. We have the logo in JPEG, PNG and PDF and I have tried all 3 version but the same error occurs each time.

If you can give any advise it would be a huge benefit!!!

Thank you all in advance.



Have you tried opening the pdf through illustrator…might be easier/better result.
Hi bonsdes,

Thank you for coming back to me.

When I open it from the PDF into Illustrator. Even when it is selected I am do not get the trace option. I found than another way to do it is to go 'Window' - 'Image Trace' however, this is all shaded out not allowing me to select anything when the image is selected...




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All done, please PM me your e-mail address to send the file.

What I had to do was re-save the file and then place it in Illustrator and work from there.