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Adobe Illustrator Errors


I am currently working on some 3D renders in Illustrator CS4, i keep getting an error message 'The operation cannot complete because there isn't enough memory (RAM).

I am a little baffled as i have 4GB??!

Any suggestions:)




Senior Member
Working with 3d eats memory, depending on what your doing I would recommend 64 bit system with 8gb. What other software are you using and is the adobe application a genuine one?
Also, check out your memory paging file/swapfile size. What OS are you using?

I'm on a Mac and find that a cheeky little restart frees up some memory for a good intensive design sesh. Photoshop in particular screws up memory usage, even when quit/reopened.
@glen - To be honest i did have several other Adobe applications running i.e: Indesign, Photoshop and Bridge. Yes the Adobe software is genuine.

@lee - i am on mac os x 10.5

I was creating renders of vitamin containers.


Senior Member
Use a 3D application for 3D. It's more suited to it. Illustrator isn't a 3D application.

It's like using Photoshop for vector illustrations. Sure, it can do it, but doesn't mean you should.