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Adobe Edge Code


Senior Member
Just tried out the beta and it works quite well. Updates you make to the code are displayed in your web browser in real-time. There's no code hinting yet, but a handy little app never the less.

...they should incorporate the feature into Dreamweaver.


Senior Member
I hadn't tried Firebug so I had to give it a day in court. The conclusion I drew was, yes, it's actually a pretty nifty add-on. I like that you can break it off and use it on a different monitor. It has code hinting which Edge didn't have (yet) but it's not quite as intuitive as the one in DW.

I would say that the only advantage of Edge is the fluidity of the real-time editing. With Firebug I had to right-click and select create new element or property when making new CSS rules, whereas Edge allows you to quickly add code just like writing it on a text document whilst still providing real time updates.

In conclusion, thank you for drawing my attention to Firebug. I will most likely use it, at least until Edge gets code hinting and multi-browser support.


Try using Firebug and Inspector together. It depends mainly on what kind of site you're editing - I'm currently editing some 8,000 line (HTML/CSS) website built using ruby on rails, so firebug helps me in finding the exact CSS classes and ID's I need to modify to make my desired changes. If you're just editing a regular website that isn't filled with dynamic content left right and centre, well I would just use dreamweaver on it's own really. but Inspector is incredibly easy to use for CSS changes, the UI and flow is fantastic.