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Adobe Creative Cloud Speed

Or the lack of!

Anyone else running CC and finding it too slow? Before shelling out for the subscription I was back on CS3 which worked well, but was unable to open newer docs, hence upgrading.

I'm running CC on a 2010 3GHz intel core i3 iMac with 4GB ram.

On a positive point, the software itself rocks!


Staff member
Make sure you're fully patched to the lastest version(s)

What OS are you on?

There's a few reports of slowness with CC - depending on what you're experiencing the fix is slightly different.
Just an update for anyone who's interested! Chatted with an Adobe guy who said running the cleaner will delete your installed cc files and you will have to download them again.

Decided to buy an extra 8GB (2x 4GB) from crucial for about £80, installed in 2 mins and have not seen any slowdown at all since :) Running a total of 12GB on my iMac now


Staff member
I'm afraid the Adobe guy or whoever you spoke to is incorrect or the question/answer was lost in translation.

The installation files are completely separate to the InDesign files and locations.

Running the Cleaner Script would only remove the InDesign files and folders to which they were installed.

The installation files would have been fine.

I know because I've run the Cleaner Script myself and everything is fine.

But the extra RAM seems to have done the trick.