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Adding blog to existing site

Wondering if anyone can give me some advice.
Our company website is setup in dreamweaver as a html site. I am looking to add a blog to this site (we currently have one through blogger). Would adding a blog be possible using Dreamweaver?


Staff member
Not really my area of expertise but at a basic level you could add a blog to your site using dreamweaver but a blog needs at the minimum a database file to 'link' the blog posts to the blog page.
If it was me I'd just have a link on your site to blogger or maybe consider doing an iframe to link the blog into your main website.

take a look at the links below, they should fill you in with a bit more info.
adding a wordpress site
adding blogger to your site
edit: relating to scotty's post. Some webhosts have something like softaculous installed on the servers, this can allow you to install 'wordpress' or similar onto your site. It basically installs the backend stuff and a basic theme. You would then need to link it to your site and style it.

Tony Hardy

I would convert your HTML site into a Wordpress site and then add a blog that way.
Why not just add the blog to a subdomain? It will keep the blog and the main site separate whilst still on the same domain. This has many benefits, one being the reduction in database size and working on each site will be much easier. Then you can just use wordpress on the subdomain leaving the current dreamweaver site as it is.

Sean Lee-Amies

When you start dealing with these type of issues, it's usually best to just start thinking about getting a new website. It's not massively expensive when you consider what you're getting and how much easier everything will be. It sounds like you're running a bit of an ad-hoc type of website there.
I believe there are quite a few SEO reasons not to have your blog on a separate domain, but it doesn't look like you've got much of an option considering your current set up!

Tony Hardy

You can build Wordpress into an existing website, but personally, like Sean suggested, I'd go for the new website approach.