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Add food on this table!!


Tony Hardy

Jimlad said:
I think (or hope) this is intended as a game, people. Shaunlynn I'll see your class and raise you... a yet-to-be-unpacked LIDL bag!
Does America have Lidl? Or are they missing out on a world of class?
Janifar - First of all, what the heck is this even for? You provide a low res jpg and then ask us to add food to the table. I'm sure you can see now we are all joking with this. But honestly, we are not going to do the work for you. If you are a designer then you know well enough to not ask other designers to do things for you.
If this was intended as a game then we can keep this up, but from the sounds of it, you have a project you don't want to do yourself and you're attempting to outsource it.


Junior Member
Janifar said:
Thats nice can you add here some chinese food also with background please?
hahahahahaha..... I think people playing game with your creativity or I think you will get the final design for your website without spending the money :p