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Hi Adam,

Welcome to DF, if you get chance post an introduction, you should get a better response as people will know you're not just here for a quick link and review.

As for your site some of the work looks really good, I would personally be a bit more selective about which pieces you show, some of the images look a little repetitive, just chose the best pieces and make more space for those. I would also re-think that main image on the homepage, it takes up a lot of space (above the fold) and doesn't really showcase your work as much as some of the other images do, whilst forms are very difficult to design I don't think it will grab the viewers attention.

Out of interest are you hoping to get other types of work away from Medical services? Or are you hoping to build on that and get more clients in this area?

PS- Do you have your own logo/identity?
Hi Greg, thanks for the comments!

Thanks i will introduce myself properly on the forum in a bit!

I know what you mean about being more selective - just a time issue at the moment, i got all the photos for most of the healthcare stuff all at once and wanted to get them online quick but you are right i do need to organise these.

At present I am working in-house for the medical group but i am pursuing other medical organisations for work on a freelance basis. Although much of my recent work has been medical/NHS i do undertake work in other sectors.

I do have some old logos/identity work but im rethinking it at the moment!

Why do you ask? :)

Anyway thanks for the invite and interest.